Friday, August 5, 2011

Tammy Pescatelli and Luca Palanca, Meadville's Biggest Celebs

One of the more exciting things to happen to me last winter was the premiere of A Stand Up Mother, a reality show about a stand up comedienne who moves from Los Angeles to Meadville (Conneaut Lake's neighboring town) with her husband and young son. Unfortunately, the show only lasted for two episodes.
Tammy Pescatelli, the stand-up mother, is married to Luca Palanca, also a stand-up comic. Imagine my excitement when I saw a flyer advertising Luca's Meadville show. Two nights only! With a special guest each night.
Bob and I went to the show tonight, and I was not disappointed. Not only was Tammy the special guest, but we ran into the couple in the parking lot after the hysterical show. And, good news, she told us that six more episodes of her show were just edited - something to look forward to this winter!

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