Friday, July 26, 2013

We're Finally Here!

Wow, what a late start to our summer at the lake this year! We are finally here and are enjoying every minute of it. The wait was worth it - Ben spent a month at an Architecture workshop at Cal Poly in California so we waited for him to finish before heading back. Well, almost all of us waited. Kate and Will got impatient and flew out early. By the time Ben and I got here, family had arrived from all across the country and summer activities were in full swing. We've been here since Tuesday. I haven't even turned my big camera on once and have only taken a handful of iPhone pictures. In a nutshell,'s been chilly, we had a huge storm, went to Campbell Pottery (above), went to the beach, tried a great new lunch place in town, had the annual scavenger hunt and s'mores night, and talked and talked and talked. 

On a not-so-positive note, my mom fell yesterday, sprained her ankle and is now in a splint and using crutches. Hopefully it's only for a few days. Below - scavenger hunt and s'mores. 

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