Saturday, August 2, 2008

Amish in Crawford County

I have no idea how many Amish live in Crawford County (Conneaut Lake's county), but they can be seen everywhere you go: shopping at WalMart, canoeing, playing a video game at the market, or eating frozen custard at Hank's. Like anyone else, we have found some to be very friendly and talkative, and others to be more reserved.

An Amish buggy parked in front of a yard sale. The man waited in the buggy (you can see his legs) and talked to an 'English' man while his wife shopped.

I spotted this cart, decked out with a seat from a car, at the Amish auction. The horse was tied in the trees.

You are almost guaranteed to see Amish at WalMart. They hire 'Amish Taxis' to get there (vans driven by 'English' people).

This is the phone outside the Amish house where we had dinner.

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