Monday, August 4, 2008

Wildlife in Conneaut Lake

We have happened across some interesting wild animals this summer. All of the pictures below (except the skunks) are from within a few blocks of our cottage. We do have our own local skunks, however. A skunk family made nightly visits to my parents cottage.

These skunks were for sale at the Andover, Ohio flea market (just past the state line). The black and white skunks were only 6 weeks old and were $200 each. The albino skunk was 7 weeks old and was $300. Those prices include the deoderizing, of course!

It's not every day that you get to hold a baby albino skunk...

A cicada...

These fish heads are on the side of a nearby cottage. They are all rather large, with sharp teeth, and were caught in Conneaut Lake.

Yet another reason that you may want to think twice before diving in - this snapping turtle was huge. He was caught in a yard nearby and was being held in an ice chest before being released.

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