Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Bird Update - Chimney Swifts

I'm happy to report that all four chimney swift babies are doing well. Apparently insectivores need to eat quite frequently. Every 20 minutes or so we hear the mom or dad fly down the chimney where they're greeted with loud squawks. One by one, the babies quiet as they're fed, then mom or dad flies back out the chimney. In fact, we've learned that as soon as the last baby is silent we can rush outside as watch the parent fly out of our chimney.
About one a day we peek behind our wooden screen. Yesterday we discovered that their eyes are open! The pin feathers are also starting to unfurl into feathers.

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cc said...

Glad to know that the baby birds are doing well.
Thanks for a wonderful week! We really were exhausted after all our fun-filled adventures.
The kids definitely want to stay for two weeks next summer.
See you soon. Colleen