Monday, July 18, 2011

Woolly Mammoth 5k

My mom, the kids and I ran in the Conneaut Lake Historical Society's Woolly Mammoth 5k on Saturday. It was the same grueling cross-country course as last year - through steep forest paths, over uneven terrain and across (numerous times) streams.

New this year- the Woolly Mammoth!

And we're off...

I was definitely humbled this race. Despite my regular running, I was outrun by two of my three (non-running) kids. Kate and I were together just past the two mile mark when we heard something coming at us from behind. Out of nowhere, William, in his Keens I might add, sprinted ahead of us and was the first in our family to cross the finish line. I should have known we were in trouble when we left for the race and he said, "Ihope you had a light breakfast (dramatic pause) because you'll be eating my dust all day!" He later said that his only goal had been to beat Kate. We're now two days post-race and the poor kid is still sore.

Kate and William each finished 3rd in the 17 and under group. My mom was first in her age group! I'm such a nice daughter that I won't even say what that age group is or how many were in the group.

Our three medalists received beautiful etched glass medals.

There is an incredible old barn at the start/finish line.

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