Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Conneaut Lake Park's Famous Blue Streak

Conneaut Lake Park is 120 years old this year. 120 years! The park is across the lake from our cottage. Not quite as old as the park, but still a classic, is the park's wooden roller coaster - The Blue Streak. Built in 1937 by famed roller coaster designer Ed Vettel, the Blue Streak continues to operate today.
I have to admit, I won't ride The Blue Streak. I won't let my kids ride The Blue Streak. It just seems so... rickety. That, and safety just doesn't seem to be the same in Conneaut Lake as it is back in California and in most of the country. Walking through the park, I can't help by wonder if rides have even been inspected.
The coaster's cars are below. They've seen better days. Unfortunately, the entire park has seen better days.
This is what I mean about safety being a little lax. The fence surrounding The Blue Streak doesn't surround the entire coaster. For some reason, there's a large gap in the fence. 

Despite the shortcomings, I love having The Blue Streak in the park. It's a piece of history. 


Cindy Swainson said...

Ah, Good Old Summertime! I'm with you on the looking not riding part (but then I don't do roller coasters anyway!) I can see and feel the history of the place.

Enjoyed my visit to the lake!

Sarah Huizenga said...

The cars do look a little scary. Too bad it is vintage gone bad.