Friday, July 18, 2014

Conneaut Lake Park One Year after Travel Channel - Part 2

I posted pictures yesterday from our walk through Conneaut Lake Park earlier this week. We wanted to see how the park looked one year after the Travel Channel Mission Amusement show was filmed. While yesterday's pictures show things that were specifically mentioned on the show, today's pictures are from the rest of the park. 

Strangely, there are private homes on the park grounds. Some look occupied, and others are in terrible shape. This house looked particularly bad. We walked up to the front door, peered through the cracked windows, and were surprised to see what looked like the entrance to a haunted house. There is no way that this house is safe - I really hope that it isn't part of Ghost Lake.

Close by, there are houses that look occupied and well kept.

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Sarah Huizenga said...

How weird to have houses right on the amusement park grounds. That one definitely does not look safe.