Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mission Amusement: Scare Tactics! Conneaut Lake on Travel Channel!

After nearly a year of waiting, the Travel Channel show (Mission Amusement: Scare Tactics) aired! Last summer, Ben and I volunteered to help with Conneaut Lake Park restoration during the filming. I wrote about it here. Now that the show has aired, I can share more details.

Unfortunately, the sad state of the park in Mission Amusement: Scare Tactics was very accurate. Norma, the show's carpenter, worked like mad that week. Ben and I helped with the Devil's Den (painting, cleaning up inside and hanging the ghost outside), painted the planters on the Midway, and painted the beer stand (shown in Mission Amusement being pulled in before being painted, but not shown after). We were interviewed while painting the beer stand, but that clip ended up on the cutting room floor.

The Haunted House was every bit as scary as they make it seem. Probably even more terrifying! Ben and I were even able to walk through it in the daylight, so we knew what to expect. Despite having the sneak peak, going through the night of the reveal was terrible! Terrible in a good way, if you like that kind of thing (which I discovered, I do not). You can see a news clip of us exiting here. We're also shown briefly on the Travel Channel show. During the final few minutes, we're in the crowd by the haunted house, in line for the haunted house, and also in line for Devil's Den.

I still don't trust The Blue Streak. My dad and Ben rode it during Park After Dark and both said, "Never again!"

We'll see how our renovations held up over the winter. Stay tuned for an update!

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Anonymous said...

I caught this show tonight by chance. Warmed my heart. A favorite when I was young and my own children have wonderful memories there (grandma lost her dentures on the Blue Streak, scarring her grandchildren for life). So glad someone came through and helped them out. I hope it can come back!