Thursday, July 10, 2014


Why can't Conneaut Lake Park be more like Waldameer? Both parks are about the same age (Conneaut Lake Park opened in 1892 and Waldameer in 1896), but you wouldn't know it.  Waldameer is well kept, beautifully landscaped and the rides all actually work. Conneaut Lake Park is...well, the opposite of that. Let's just say, we chose to drive the hour to Erie instead of going across the lake to our local park.

All eleven cousins ran from ride to ride. Once she warmed up to the rides, little Clare was quite the daredevil and went on every ride that her older cousins did.

They all rode the Music Express three times until they couldn't take it any more. Poor John was squished so much his ribs hurt.

I'd never been to the 'North End' of the park before, but in my opinion that's where the good rides are. Who knew that there were teacups outside of Disneyland!

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