Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amish Auction in Atlantic

We're living among the Amish here. At least that's how it often seems. We see them in the grocery store, pass their buggies on the road and buy produce and baked goods from their roadside stands. Each Amish community seems to have an annual benefit auction. We've been to a number of different Amish auctions over the years. Both 'English' (that's us) and Amish attend the auctions to eat, bid and socialize. The Amish community of Atlantic hosted their auction on Saturday and it was probably the best one we've been to yet. Auction items include everything from farm equipment and animals to Amish-made furniture and quilts. There is always plenty of food to purchase - this time breakfast including pancakes and homemade sausages, then hamburgers, Amish pizza, ice cream... As much as I would love to have taken more pictures of the Amish, I had to be polite and restrain myself. I can't begin to describe how darling some of these kids were. One group of kids were riding around in a tiny buggy being pulled by a miniature horse.

The family in the buggy is leading the pony to the auction to be auctioned off.

Auction items
I love this item - a rowboat hooked up to be pulled by a horse.
Here I am petting an auction item - a calf.
Amish washing machines

Auction item #144

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