Saturday, June 26, 2010

Historic Blue Streak Roller Coaster Gets Recognition

The American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) visited Conneaut Lake Park on Thursday to see The Blue Streak, the park's 73-year-old wooden roller coaster. Now, these ACE people, who I didn't know existed until Thursday, are serious about their coasters. Over 7,000 belong to the group and over 400 (from 37 states, Canada, and Thailand!) are attending this year's convention. In addition to visiting Erie's Waldameer park and Pittsburgh's Kennywood and Idlewild parks, the convention group stopped at our very own Conneaut Lake Park. The highlight of their visit was their dedication of The Blue Streak as one of 25 ACE Roller Coaster Landmarks in the world. This coaster, I must point out is in desperate need of restoration and hasn't been in operation since 2006. Thanks to ACE's generous contribution, the restoration company is hoping to have The Blue Streak up and running in four to six weeks. Look at the pictures. I won't be first in line!

The kids and my parents in Conneaut Lake Park

See what I mean about being in need of restoration

Presenting the plaque that will hang at the entrance to the ride and mark it as a Roller Coaster Landmark
I've never seen so many people at the park. News cameras were filming the event and the story made the front page of the local Meadville Tribune.

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