Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm

Hog Heaven Rescue Farm rescues, rehabilitates and places hoofed animals. We drove up and had to wait for a meandering hog to cross the road before we could pull in. Being city folk, we didn't know if these free-roaming hogs could possibly charge. Between that and their website warning to stay in your car if you see their dogs out until they get their dogs under control, Ben spent the whole time there looking over his shoulder. Turns out that the 'hogs' were very friendly pot bellied pigs and the dogs, King and Kong, were two loving Great Pyrenees.

The couple who started the rescue organization are two retired Pittsburgh cops.They brought us in with their Alpacas, which they raise. The Alpacas in this area are the mothers and babies. The little guy below is just a day or two old.
This baby was born just hours before our visit. He staggered around and tried his first attempt at nursing while we were there.
The kids petting Arlo
Looking at the donkeys, mules and miniature donkeys

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