Monday, June 28, 2010

Sport's Near Death Experience

Sport had a close call on our Sunday morning walk. Kate, Sport and I were enjoying a beautiful walk on a wooded path between the golf course and the lake when two off-leash dogs came bounding ahead of their owner toward us. Before I knew what happened the German Shepard had Sport by the neck and was shaking him in the air. You know how your dog grabs a stuffed toy and shakes it like he wants to kill it. Well, it was like that, but the German Shepard was the dog and Sport was the toy. Sport, by the way, was on his leash, which I held on to the whole time, but I couldn't do anything to help until the owner got her dog back on leash. I owe a huge thanks to the golfer left his game to come help when heard the pandemonium. After everything was under control, Kate and I had legs of Jello and had to make our way home to take care of
Sport's two gaping neck wounds. According to the vet, though, we're lucky he wasn't killed.

Getting his wounds glued back together

I'll spare you the close up. It's not pretty.

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