Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July - Part 1

We've been celebrating the 4th since yesterday. Fireworks were last night, because for some reason they are never on the 4th around here. I have my suspicions that there is one pyrotechnic guy in the area and he has to spread the shows around.

Kate and Francie painted their nails in red, white, and blue. This was Kate's first (and according to her, last) experience with nail polish. It lasted all of 5 minutes. Not even long enough for a picture.

A lot of Flanagans watching the parade on Midway

This is how Sport spent the 4th. At least his E-Collar is blue and white. Poor guy went from bad to worse after being attacked last Sunday and had to have minor surger a few days ago to repair the wound.

There's nothing like a 4th of July Parade. This year's theme, however was quite possibly the worst theme ever. Christmas in July. Just not a good idea. Lots of Santas, Reindeer and Christmas Trees. Also lots of candy. The kids running for the candy...

Kate and Francie had big plans to make a flag cake. Bob just couldn't keep his hands away and had to get in on the decorating.
We still have a lot of celebrating ahead of us, so stay tuned for more tomorrow.


RV Mama said...

Happy 4th! Poor Sport! We just can't believe his whole ordeal! Hope he's feeling better soon.

irie said...

can not believe I finally got to see this. This makes me even more to be at c. lake. And after last yr. the hot weather will be good. What in the world happened to Sport. Irie