Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Kilted Mile at Edinboro University

Edinboro University, a beautiful campus about half an hour away, hosted a Scottish Festival this weekend. Eight of us ran in the Kilted Mile race this morning. It's only a mile, and runners are encouraged to 'be creative'. A few of us wore traditional tartan wraps and the rest were in Mexican-themed kilts. Ben even wore a sombrero.

Pip was a hit in his mini-kilt. I think everyone in Edinboro has a picture of that dog!

After the race

And the results...
William, our first winner, got 2nd in his age group. The awards were chocolate bars with Kilted Mile wrappers.

Our group (no help from me!) seemed to sweep the race. Kate, Papa and Amanda placed first in their age groups; William and Nanny second; and Ben third. I'm hoping that someone is willing to share their chocolate!

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