Friday, July 23, 2010

Dinner at an Amish House in Crawford County

Even though we knew not to expect much from the meal at Sarah's (after our experience two years ago), we gave it another shot just for the experience of eating in an Amish house. The setting is idyllic, so I was hopeful that our previous meal was just a on off-night in Sarah's kitchen.

We knew we were in trouble at this point. Someone asked if the corn was hers.  Sarah is surrounded by fields and fields of corn after all. "No, I buy it frozen" was her reply.

Mashed potatoes, noodles, white bread, fried chicken, roast beef (not shown), cole slaw covered with shredded cheese, and corn. We're pretty sure that nothing is homemade. After our perfect farm meal at the Bookamer's, this was so disappointing.

The kids, of course, couldn't be happier.

John especially enjoyed it.

They love this strawberry jam/marshallow fluff mixture on their white bread. If it weren't for this, there would be no color on our plates!

This made the whole trip worth it. On our drive home we followed this young Amish couple tearing down the dirt road on a tractor. She's barefoot and hanging on for dear life. I'm not quite sure why they have a tractor.

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