Saturday, July 12, 2008

Amish Auction to Benefit the Amish Schools of Guys Mills

This is the second year that we've attended the Amish Auction to benefit the Amish schools of Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. The auction, both a fundraiser and a social event for the Amish families, goes on for hours and attracts mostly Amish, but also some 'English'. They sell hot dogs, hamburgers, fresh lemonade, sodas, homemade donuts and baked goods. Auction items include potted plants, Amish made furniture and sheds, Amish taxi service, horses...anything!

Buggy parking (below). If you look in the buggies, you'll sometimes see batteries that operate the lights for night time and even the occasional fan. The horses are in the barn.

Making homemade ice cream. Notice the generator.

The benches below are filled with Amish. The auctioneer is on the podium in the back of the picture (difficult to see because of the light).

A calf to be auctioned off...

Amish boys playing on a tractor. These boys showed us the items they got in their grab bags. For $3 you could buy an 'age appropriate' bag. They got the 6 and up boys bag, which included marbles and a pocket knife.

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