Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amish Dinner in Guys Mills

Last night we ate dinner at a nearby Amish house. Sara, an Amish woman, cooks and serves family style meals out of her home. The drive to Sara's house was about half an hour, and near the end we found ourselves on dirt roads, surrounded by Amish farms. To make the setting even more idyllic, we passed a few young Amish men in buggies. Once we arrived at the farm, Sara quickly told us to go around to the rear entrance. She somehow managed to single-handedly serve dinner to 15 of us and make it appear effortless. The meal was served on paper plates and in a very simple setting.

The picture below is facing away from her house. That's our car in the picture.

The dining area is in an addition to the main house. The Amish don't have churches and take turns having Sunday services in their homes. Church benches were stacked along the wall. The lights on the ceiling are propane.

The dinner menu: white bread (baked by a neighbor) with freezer jam mixed with marshmallow cream (a favorite with the kids), cole slaw (with cabbage and iceberg lettuce and topped with grated carrots and cheddar cheese), corn (off the cob with a lot of butter), noodles slathered in butter, mashed potatoes, fried chicken and ham. Notice a color trend with the meal! It was all delicious, of course. The cole slaw was surprisingly good. The kids devoured the food and kept complimenting Sara on the meal.

Just when we thought we couldn't eat any more, Sara served coffee and three pies: pecan, Dutch apple and peanut butter. The entire meal was $7 a person!

Some of our kids outside underneath the clothes line...

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