Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boating on Conneaut Lake

Boaters love Conneaut Lake. It's the largest natural lake in Pennsylvania and it has no horsepower restrictions for boats. The lake is about one mile wide by three miles long. With the kids getting older (and having a new boat to use), we've been out on the water more this year than in the past.

Driving with dad...

A boatload of kids...

This is the new favorite activity for all of the kids...


Anonymous said...

hi aunt B,
i had the best time!
hope to see you soon.
thank you,
from guy with glasses

Anonymous said...

dear aunt Becky,
i had a wonderful time.
hope you liked the water ice.
i love the doll i won at the amish auction.
i hope we can visit you next year.
irish dancer a