Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dinner at the World Famous Stable Pit & Pub

All year long, we look forward to ribs at the Stable Pit and Pub in Conneaut Lake. No ribs can compare, and we long ago learned to stop looking for a match. A few months ago, stories circulated that the Pit and Pub was going to close down. In the end, however, the owners were able to stay open. Tonight, we walked down the street for our first visit of the season.

Dinner always starts with garlic toast, slathered in butter and done on the grill.

We all ordered the usual - ribs (kids portions, a cowgirl rack for me, and a cowboy rack for Bob). The ribs are delicious - a tangy sauce and meat that falls off the bone.

Notice not only the meal, but the decor. Low ceiling, dark with a 70's vibe.



Anonymous said...

We've been 'lakies' for the past twenty three years and multiple Pit and Pub visits have always been on the program. The garlic toast is beyond compare and the ribs to die for. A visit to Hanks is the only way to end the perfect meal.

Becky said...

Hanks is the perfect way to end a meal! And, that deserves its own post, so check again.