Sunday, August 16, 2009

Amish in Nearby Atlantic

Atlantic is only a few miles away and it is just beautiful. While driving through this mostly Amish community it's not uncommon to see Amish kids running barefoot and Amish women hanging laundry to dry.

Clothes drying at an Amish farm.
The best Amish farm stand - Weeping Willow Farm Stand is all organic and affordable. The stand literally sits in the middle of this family's fields and you can watch the kids wheeling the wheelbarrow of produce to the stand. The sign says 'we're out picking vegetables. Leave your money in the slot'.
I love this sign in the window of the Atlantic bulk foods store. The sign on the left says, "Please do not leave your children in your buggy unattended' and the one on the right says, "All horses must be tied at hitching rail".

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