Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sport on Martha Stewart Radio Blog!

If you've been following along, then you know that Sport's Michael Jackson costume took first place at the Bark Park's costume contest over the weekend. Well, the fun doesn't end there! I was listening to the Martha Stewart Living radio program on Satellite radio as I was returning from an early morning trip to the airport on Monday. I felt compelled to call in when they invited listeners to answer the question 'How Martha Were You?'. While I didn't win the Martha Stewart apron they awarded to the person deemed most Martha (I have a feeling that one of the callers who extracted honey or catered a wedding for 100 may have won), I did earn a few chuckles from the hosts. They asked a number of questions and requested that I email them a photo, which I did. Guess they liked the picture because they then asked if they could use it on their blog!! They sent confirmation last night that Sport would be featured on this morning's post. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve - couldn't sleep all night. Well, the big morning has arrived. Check out the post on Martha Stewart Living's Radio Blog.

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