Friday, August 7, 2009

Snails Pace Acres

We love visiting Mike (Bob's mother's cousin) and Curly at their home - Snails Pace Acres. Even though their farm is only a mile from our cottage, it seems like a different world. The kids ride horses, find kittens hidden in the barn or catch frogs in the pond.

Curly showing off his new horse Diamond, purchased last spring at a horse auction. Even though they've had up to 22 horses at a time, Mike's always been the one buying the horses. This was the first horse that Curly has purchased.

Bad llama in llama jail. Mike and Curly agreed to take on a llama boarder last spring, only to find out that the llama was aggressive. They discovered this when they heard Oliver's (their llama's) screams and found this llama atop Oliver with chunks of Oliver's hair in his mouth.

Kate and Ben in the barn with Bertha.

Oliver with his pal Speedy. The two are never separated. When the kids were little they rode Speedy.

Oliver - Mike and Curly's good llama.

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