Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Pictures

We're packing the cottage up, getting ready to fly home in a few days. Here's a look back at the summer.

Bob, stuck inside on a call - But it's better that he's on a call here than back at the office.

Ready for s'mores.

Sport - 'before' - notice the nose.

Sport on his new thyroid medication. He's much perkier, AND he has his black nose back.

Bob's cousin Justina with her new baby Brayden.

Kate and Ben by an Amish buggy at an auction.

At a local nursery.

Proof that I did it.

At the beach.

Bob won the raffle at the Cozy Cottage Tour lunch at the Iroquois Club. His prize was a print of a Kate Hilton painting of the Midway Dock. Couldn't be a more appropriate person to win.

Kate catching her first fish.

William catching his first fish.

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