Saturday, August 1, 2009

Site of Old Midway Hotel

Even though it was demolished before we were born, the Midway Hotel is, in a way, our tie to the lake. Bob's grandparents owned the hotel and ran it until it was torn down in 1967. That year, most of the old hotels surrounding the lake were demolished to avoid the new sewer tax. Virginia and Larry Sousa lived in a house behind the hotel. Bob's mom still lives in that house. Our cottage is also behind the site of the old hotel, next to the Sousa house. The hotel included the Midway Beach, which is to the right of the hotel looking at the picture, and the dock, to the left

An old postcard of the hotel, from before the time when the Sousas owned it

The old walkway in front of the hotel. The pillars held lights.

This would have been the view of the front of the hotel.

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