Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Dogs

We've turned into a bunch of crazy dog people around here.

This is Sport, our little guy who travels with us each summer.

My cousin, not a dog person, caved and let her kids get a dog this past year. Frisco, a 'Morkie', is the cutest dog ever. I can't believe this face hasn't turned her into an absolute dog lover. Or at least a Frisco lover! Although my cousin claims to be indifferent about the dog, she did bring him along, so maybe she's more invested than she says.

Pip is on the left below. My parents got him here a few years ago (click here for pictures), and he is probably the world's most spoiled dog. Pip's a 'Chorkie', so he and Frisco are almost like half-brothers. They've become fast friends. Pip weighs in at a whopping seven pounds. Frisco is six.

My mother-in-law's best buddy and constant companion, Charlie. He's an old man now. When I walked in to take his picture he barely lifted his head from the couch. He's a huge boxer and now struggles to sit and stand, but still gets excited to see us.


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Diana said...

Great banner. Love your blog. Met you over at Reflection of YOU.