Sunday, July 1, 2012


Do you watch American Pickers? Since we can't get enough of the show in our house, we jumped at the opportunity to clean out two sheds. The dumping grounds for many years, for many members of the family, the sheds are about to be demolished. 

Whatever we didn't claim would be destroyed with the sheds, we were told. Wasting no time, the five of us braved dust, spiders, rickety boxes and the dark to comb through years of accumulated junk. 

The sheds contained mostly garbage, but we did manage to find a few items that were worth saving. Will, our youngest and biggest American Picker fan, had quite the eye. When I spotted some old signs, he reminded me that 'condition is everything'. 

Will found this tin can sized fire extinguisher. I think Mike and Frank would be proud!

A stool from the Hotel's coffee shop!

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