Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Every year, there is a beautiful fireworks display over Conneaut Lake. Oddly, however, the fireworks are never on the 4th of July. Even though we have to wait until tomorrow for the parade and fireworks, we did plenty of celebrating today.

Kate and her cousin Francie making a special 4th of July treat.

Flags down Midway.

Kate and Francie dressed for the holiday.

Jeff, Uncle Labon, my dad, Aunt Elaine and the kids in line for the dinner on Midway Beach.

The girls on the beach.
After dinner there was a big cash raffle. Ben won a wad of money! Our group, in fact, won two of the three prizes, with Uncle Labon winning a picture of the Midway Hotel.

Something you don't see in California - our own fireworks.

Will with a sparkler.
Happy 4th!

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sarasmls said...

What an idyllic setting!
How did you find this place and how long have you been summering there? It is straight out of a 1950/60s movie.