Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hanks Frozen Custard

No visit to Conneaut Lake is complete without a stop at Hank's Frozen Custard. The little roadside stand is such a Conneaut Lake institution that we even named our first dog, who we purchased at the Lake, Hank. Things don't change quickly, or at all, at Hanks, so I was surprised to see that they have a snazzy new website.

One thing that never changes is their flavor schedule. Every cottage seems to have a Hank's Flavor Schedule posted somewhere. This is exactly how Bob remembers it when he was a child.

We all have our favorites. Some prefer cones (the sherbet and vanilla combo is popular) and others the special sundaes (including s'mores, dusty road, Mexican and the Hot Turtle).

My kids with my cousin's kids.

In case anyone has wondered what HNKS was on my car at home.

Part of our group at Hank's.

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