Friday, July 3, 2009

Ribs at The World Famous Stable Pit & Pub

We made our inaugural visit of the season to the Pit & Pub this evening. The restaurant, a Conneaut Lake institution with the best ribs I've ever had, has been around for 42 years. JoAnn, our waitress, has worked there for 40 of those years.
Business has been so slow over the past few years that the owner of the Pit & Pub nearly closed down last year. Tonight was a different story - the line for a table was out the door. Wanda, the owner, attributes the booming business to Conneaut Lake Park re-opening after being closed for two seasons.

Very hungry kids, not very happy about the long wait.

The open fire pit where the garlic bread is toasted and the ribs and meat are cooked.
The meals come with your choice of two sides. Ben chose fries and sweet potato fries.
Like father, like son. Both William and Bob can eat an entire rack of ribs without getting a touch of sauce on their fingers.

Our cottage is down the street from the Pit & Pub. Here we are waddling home after stuffing ourselves.

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