Monday, July 20, 2009

Dollar Spaghetti Night

After a year's hiatus, Oakland Beach Golf Course brought back one of our favorite lake traditions - Sunday night Dollar Spaghetti Night. Hard to believe, but it is just what it says. A plate of spaghetti with sauce is a dollar. A sausage or a delicious homemade 1/4 pound meatball on top of your pasta is an additional $2; and garlic toast, salad and drinks are extra. The golf course is a short walk from our cottage and we're there every Sunday night of the summer.

New this week, the waitresses had t-shirts that read "The Buck Stops Here - $ Spaghetti is Back"

Tessa enjoying her spaghetti.

The kids' end of the table.

Practicing putting after dinner.

The pond at the golf course.

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