Thursday, July 2, 2009

Geocaching in Conneaut Lake

In Geocaching, you use a handheld GPS unit to look for a hidden 'cache' (a container with a logbook to sign and various trinkets). Caches we've found in the past range from a mint tin magnetically attached to the underside of a bench to a plastic bottle completely concealed in a log.

Our Geocaching adventure today took us to a local graveyard and to the famous Conneaut Lake Park. We were successful at the graveyard!

Despite having two GPS units and five people looking, we had no luck during our Geocaching adventure in Conneaut Lake Park. We're determined to find this one by the end of the summer!

Anything you read about Geocaching specifically says that you must be stealth while looking for the cache. I think we need to work on that.

Ben is a master at the GPS.

This elusive cache is hidden in front of Hotel Conneaut, the only remaining hotel on the lake.

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