Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hysterical Historical Memories

The Conneaut Lake Historical Society celebrated its 10th anniversary with a seven-scene skit titled "Hysterical Historial Memories". The event, held in the Ballroom of the Hotel Conneaut, was advertised as featuring the Whistling Tummies. Apparently the Whistling Tummies have quite a following. The Ballroom was packed. The skits, memories and songs covered the history of the Historical Society as well as history of the lake. Bob's grandfather, Larry Sousa, was even mentioned. Larry Sousa owned the Midway Hotel on the lake and apparently refused to accept a check from Gene Kelly because the actor wasn't from around here.

The kids playing running games in the park before the show.

Here they are - the "World Famous" Whistling Tummies.

A close up.

Veterans were honored at the end of the show. Servicemen stood while the song was played from their branch of the military. Here is my Uncle Jim standing along with fellow members of the Air Force.

The kids on the porch of the Hotel Conneaut after the show.

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