Monday, July 2, 2012

The Cottage Garden

I can finally say 'the cottage garden'. Honestly, it's been an embarrassment. Without the lilies that line one side of our cottage, we would have had no color. We removed a boring old hedge that surrounded the cottage porch and hired someone to fill in the bed with plants. That was three summers ago. This is the type of pace that is typical around here. Anyway, this gardener finally planted hostas around the edge of the bed this year. 

I liked the hostas well enough, but wanted to fill in the empty space. Kate and I found this old dresser when we went 'picking' in the sheds. We huffed and puffed and drug it up to our cottage. This is the dresser when we finished with it. Maybe I've been looking at Pinterest too much. 

As an added bonus, I discovered this sweet nest (below) in a hedge by our kitchen. It's much better than last year's fiasco with the chimney swifts. Can you believe that those chimney swifts are back? I can hear them in the chimney, but up high in the chimney where they are supposed to be. They must have improved their nest building skills. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you have to read last year's post about the baby birds.

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