Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Visit to Pymatuning Lake

Last weekend we were invited to the North Shore Boat Club at Pymatuning, where we spent the most beautiful, relaxing morning. Conneaut Lake is the largest natural lake wholly within the state of Pennsylvania. Pymatuning is just a few miles away and is much, much larger than Conneaut Lake. It's technically the largest lake, but it's actually a reservoir and borders both Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Conneaut Lake is a busy lake full of speedboats, jet skis, cottages and visitors. Pymatuning, on the other hand, is serene, quiet and wooded.There are strict speed restrictions for boats on Pymatuning. We could never do this safely on Conneaut Lake. Below, Kate and I take the kayaks out.

Will and Bob have their turn.

Bob said our morning at Pymatuning was like summer camp. Our friends who invited us have a rustic cabin near the lake where they brought Ben to shoot a rifle. The kid came back with grin from ear to ear.

After a little target practice, the boys (the older boys) get ready to kayak. They were the luckiest of all of us because they saw FOUR bald eagles.

Just so Will didn't feel too left our about not shooting the rifle, our hosts sent him home with a handful of firecrackers. Clearly we're not in California!

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