Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vidler's in East Aurora

I snuck away with the girls for a few nights, and went to explore the Finger Lakes. Eight long, finger-like, lakes make up the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Cayuga Lake, the Finger Lake that we visited, is just four hours from Conneaut Lake, but we made a day of getting there.

We stopped mid-way in the drive for lunch and exploring in the darling town of East Aurora, New York, home to Vidler's Five and Dime. Vidler's is packed with good, old-time, dime store fun. They stopped short of calling themselves the world's largest dime store, but it must come close. 

The candy department was stocked with every type of candy imaginable.

There was absolutely nothing you couldn't find. Rabbit's feet, hair nets, etc.

Even corn cob pipes.

Definitely worth a stop if you ever find yourself in the area. Or in need of a corn cob pipe or rabbit's foot.

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