Friday, July 6, 2012

Part II Girls' Trip - MacKenzie Childs and Aurora

The MacKenzie Childs farmhouse and studio where all of the pottery and furniture is made is on the east side of Cayuga Lake.  Click on the website if you're not familiar with MacKenzie Childs' zany designs. Believe it or not, I think it's toned down quite a bit from when I remember visiting the Manhattan store 17 years ago. Regardless of whether or not this is your style, it's an impressive place to visit. 

The property, overlooking Cayuga Lake, has a large studio, shop, pond, fields, barns and renovated farmhouse. The farmhouse, below, is the showcase of everything MacKenzie Childs. I have never seen an old building so meticulously restored.

Every inch of space oozed with MacKenzie Childs details.

A view of the lake from the farmhouse, below.

After visiting MacKenzie Childs, we ate the most delicious lunch at Pumpkin Hill Bistro in Aurora, which was also in an old farmhouse that sits amidst picturesque fields. Not only was it absolutely charming, the food was local, fresh and wonderful.

Is that the best looking salad, or what?

I love an open kitchen.

We spent our mornings and evening relaxing at our beautiful Bed and Breakfast. Below, my aunts and cousins sip their morning coffee on the porch swing.

The inn's darling dog Bender.

An old barn on the property.

We weren't there long enough for me to see everything. Did you know Ithaca and Cornell are at the bottom of Cayuga Lake? I had no idea. It's on my list for next time.

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