Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grandpa Visits

We are so incredibly lucky that our kids know all four of their grandparents. When we're in Conneaut Lake they get to see three of their grandparents daily and the fourth when he visits the lake. Here are a few pictures of Grandpa's last visit.

With his granddaughters.
And with his grandsons.

We're going to miss the lake and all the goes with it. It's time, though, that we move on to other summer adventures. I still have a lot of pictures and adventures to share from the summer, so I'll continue to blog a few times a week. I won't have a daily post as I have during out time at the lake, but I'll get something up every few days, so please check back.


Carol said...

Great pictures and memories. The little guy on Grampa's lap - love the face, he brightened my day.

geetlee said...

Hi Becky,
These are such wonderful pics. Your kids are indeed lucky to know all their grandparents.
I only had my grandmothers when I was growing up.. both my granddads had passed on.
Hope you have a lovely vacation :)

Sarah Huizenga said...

Time with Grandpas is very precious time. Hope you had a great summer at the lake. It sure looks like you did.

Renee said...

Lucky indeed. Great photos!