Sunday, July 8, 2012

Snails Pace Acres with our Friends

We wanted to show our visiting California friends all of the area's best sites. High on our list was Snails Pace Acres. Within a mile of our cottage, yet entirely another world, our relatives raise Morgan Horses on their farm.  I'll share our entire two day itinerary in another post. 

A gorgeous horse inside the barn.

This is Oliver. He's eyeing me so suspiciously. Funny story about Oliver...Mikey and Curly had a llama named Carmella. She was their only llama. One day Mikey looked out at Carmella in her pen and saw a little animal standing next to her. Upon further inspection, she discovered newborn little Oliver standing there. Apparently, when Carmella had escaped months earlier, she'd had a little adventure with a llama down the road and had successfully hidden the resulting pregnancy. 

Will was dead set on catching a frog in the farm's pond. It's harder to do than you'd think.

We had planned on just looking at the horses, but good old Curly saddled up a horse and let the girls ride, flip-flops and all.

It was my first time back at Snails Pace Acres since Mikey died this past winter. I was reminded of so many happy memories of spending time with her and the horses.

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Renee said...

Love little Oliver's story. Wondering about Carmella's little adventure story.